Monday, March 14, 2011

World's Best Car Wash Gets It's Own Site

Just to keep things neat, "World's Best Car Wash" gets it's own site:

This way I can blog about rallying and old cars and not bore you with soap sud and vacuum stories.....


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dixie Garage News

Okay. I suck. I haven't posted since January and it's March. I realize the point of blogging is to update frequently. My apologies - I'll try harder....

Now, on to some news:
Go to and click the Great Race Video. It's AWESOME! If you are a Greatracer, it will put you in the mood for June. If not, it will make you want to rally. Nice work Corky.....

And now for the real reason I've been a bad blogger for the last few months; I bought a car wash! It has 6-self serve bays and 1-auto touchless drive through bay. See for yourself:

I've owned it for 13 days and talk about a fire hose!! Lots to learn... I'll blog about the car wash for a little while just to keep the three people who read this site up-to-date. But eventually I'll move to another site and just use this for rallying. I haven't decided yet if we need to have a website, blog page, Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn site, etc. or all of the above. Jeez, I remember when social media meant thumbing through the phone book to look up a number so you could call somebody. Yeah, I know. I'm a dinosaur. Actually, I prefer to think of myself as an Analog Man living in a Digital World. Nice, eh!?!?!

Back to the car wash. I'm calling it the "World's Best Car Wash." I figure we should Aim High (insert Air Force joke here). I'm working on the logo and should have new signage, business cards, etc. soon. If you're in Denton, Texas and need to wash your car, look us up at 1611 McKinney.

That all for now....