Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post Script

Here are a few pictures from the rally. Here is where the work gets done. If the cockpit looks cramped, it's not. We're actually very comfortable (as long as it's not raining...)

After we discovered the loose alternator Day 2, the solution was to zip-tie it to the engine and frame. Hard to believe this worked, eh!?!?!

Hmmmm, those clouds look dark....

We had some awesome BBQ at the Dave Kane Route 66 Museum in Afton, OK. Thanks Dave. The car collection is worth checking out. I totally "get" buying an old gas station/car dealership and making a museum out of it.
The museum boasts the oldest known RV in existence - from 1916.

Here is one of the starting positions. It's usually a sign with a good stretch of shoulder to run on in case of traffic.

Two days after the race I had the speedster apart - fixed the alternator, radiator, and few other odds -n- ends. June, here we come!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DAY 3 - The Agony of Defeat...

Sunday, 1 May 2011
Boy, things went downhill pretty fast. First, the weather finally hit. Rain. And more rain. The car slid through corners; the driver kept wiping the speedo so he could see it; and the naviguesser battled wet instructions. Second, the semi-permanent fix for the alternator didn't hold - and the belt slipped off, causing a nauseating 18 minute and 21 second delay. Any chance of a good showing evaporated at that moment. I've said it before - in a sport that measures success in seconds, minutes are a killer! Lastly, no ACES. :-(

On the bright side: we finished the race and did not DNF. Our Henri Lloyd foul weather gear kept us dry (it's made for yacht racing!). We did manage 3 ACES for the weekend (the top-ACE award went to a team with 4 ACES).

Leg 1: 19 sec late
Leg 2: 2 min (18 min 21 sec late!)
Leg 3: 3 sec early
Leg 4: 7 sec late
Leg 5: 5 sec late
Leg 6: 10 sec late

Our final position for the rally was 16th place out of 23 cars. Sigh. There's always June!!

PS- As soon as I can get more photos downloaded, I'll post them.
PPS- Thanks Rex for a fun weekend - we're looking forward to San Marcos next year!!!