Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1973 VW Camper Part III

Fresh from the paint booth!!! I went with solid white on top. So the concessions one makes with a $2,900 paint job: sanding vs media blasting, windows in vs out, door jams sprayed vs not sprayed, complete dis-assembly vs partial, etc. Like I said before, the main objective here is to go camping. In Texas, it is too hot to camp with a VW in summer (no A/C) and not super fun in winter, so fall and spring are it. It's Late Sept/early Oct and I want to camp before winter gets here so good 'nuff. The bus still needs buffing and final assembly, but MAN OH MAN am I happy.
Bay window still out. Dash still needs a coat of black.

Sa-weet! I can hardly wait to put it all together!!!! Next: Final chapter - back on the road.

1973 VW Camper Part II

Here we are at the "work" stage. I bought the parts and dropped them by as they arrived at the post office, so I had plenty of excuses to stop by the shop. I've always discounted Maaco, but I have to say the guys in Denton (TX) have been great to work with. The only real rust issue was below the bay window...

The dash will get a fresh coat of black while the window is out.

The only hole: driver's side front. Lots of cars rust here (IE: Porsche 911s, etc) because of the way the seal keeps water trapped.

1973 VW Camper Part I

So I finally am getting around to fixing my 1973 VW Camper. I bought it last March and haven't done much to it. First project: paint. The short story goes like this..... Guy #1 wanted $10,000 to do a "less than car show- just don't want to be embarrassed" job. Nope. Guy #2 wanted $7,500 for the same thing. Nope. Guy #3 wanted $6,000. Nope. Guy #4 wanted $4,500 and understood when I declined. His suggestion was Maaco. And I'm proud to say, for $2,900 I got EXACTLY what I wanted: a paint job that isn't embarrassing. (Insert plug for Maaco here). It's not perfect, but hey - I'm going to use it for camping anyway..... Here are some prep pics:
Lots of surface rust below the bay window.

The side cover is rusted in place... yikes!

Th only glass coming out is the front bay window - everything else stays put.