Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My 1916 Buick is For Sale

- Engine: inline OHV six cylinder, 224 cu in, 45 BHP
- Speedster body on 115 in wheelbase

- Three speed transmission (no over-drive), shaft drive

- Rear only brakes

- Electrical is 6v+12v (Two 6v batteries are wired in series and parallel
so the 6v stuff can run and the 12v stuff can run too)
- Both regular plate windshield and monocle screen too.

- This car ran 1995 Canada to Mexico Great Race and finished

- Car does 55+ mph

Here is a link with 40+ pics:

Items repaired/upgraded while I've owned her:
rear diff, pressure check radiator, rebuilt water pump, updated to 6v/12v system , upgraded gauges (water temp), upgraded speedo to timewise - the car is wired for a timewise (car comes with sensor, bracket, magnets, wires, etc.), but the speedo does not come with the car). Fenders are back on the car.

I have $29,500 in the car an would like to get as much of that back as I can.
Call/email me questions. Cheers, Bryan 214.454.7417